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Raniolo the biscuit factory owned by the family Raniolo, is now on the market for over fifty years, with its traditional, wholesome and fragrant biscuits, thereby, to become protagonist on the boards of three generations.

Such longevity comes from the combination of basic elements such as the experience and care in the search for raw materials simple and genuine.

Over the years he committed itself to respect the traditions of the typical confectionery ragusano without neglecting the importance of keeping up with the times with modern technology.

This is how the biscuit Raniolo can create simple tastes but at the same time sought.

Examples are the mucatoli, produced with the finest almonds and thyme honey ibleo, the scaurati, prepared with a long and elaborate cooking method, the almond cookies created only with precious Sicilian almonds, as well as almond milk, not to mention the numerous kinds of biscuits from breakfast adaptable to all types of tastes, given the variety of flavors with which they are made, such as lemon and orange for those who love the flavors simple and traditional or cinnamon and yogurt for those who, instead, prefer the taste stronger and determined.

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